Youth Basketball Player Commits Worst Flop Ever, Has LeBron James to Thank

By Connor Muldowney
Getty Images

You know when they say NBA players need to make good role models because young children take after them in their actions? Well, it’s proving to be very, very true. A youth basketball player likes to mold his or her game around a professional basketball player — most likely the most popular or just a favorite of theirs. One youth basketball player pulled off the ultimate flop recently.

Wow, LeBron James would be so proud of this one, folks. A youth basketball player showed that he knows how to flop and get away with it in a recent game. Just watch the video and tell me that you don’t think this is the worst flop in American history:

The kid did the perfect job of selling this flop and, like I said earlier, LeBron would be so darn proud.

How did this get an offensive foul call, you ask? Check out what the young flopper did right before he pulled the ultimate LeBroning move. By grabbing the opposing player’s jersey, it made it look like the offensive, or innocent, player was shoving the flopper to the ground.

This had to have been practiced before by this kid because he pulled off what might go down as the greatest flop to ever happen — thankfully he’s getting recognized for it today.

You can hear the parents in the background laughing at the fact that it was called a foul, and why wouldn’t they? They just witnessed identity theft by a minor. This kid even made an egregious grunt while getting “pushed” to the ground.

We applaud you, young floppington.

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