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Top 15 Freestyle Friday Performances By the Houston Texans Cheerleaders From 2014 Season

Texans Cheerleaders
(Texans Cheerleaders Facebook)

If you're missing the NFL season like the rest of us, this list of our favorite 15 Freestyle Friday performances by the Houston Texans last season should cheer you up.

You're welcome in advance!

15. Gym Takeover

Imagine these beautiful ladies taking over the gym with their sweet dance moves and classic Akon blasting. No--we wouldn't be mad either.

14. Menchie's Yogurt Bar

Can we all just agree that Yogurt Bar's are one of the greatest ideas in the history of great ideas?

13. This Is How We Do

Even when the weather isn't all that great--you can't stop these girls from dancing to Katy Perry!

12. Pumpkin Patch

In the spirit of Halloween, not only did the girls take over a pumpkin patch, but they brought back the classic dance song from Napoleon Dynamite in the process!

11. Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger is one of the greatest pump-up songs of all time and we're totally digging the boxing theme in this one!

10. Another Gym Takeover

What's the best part of this video? The two gentlemen trying to focus on their workout in the background!

9. Car Dealership

Let's be honest--any guy would buy a car from this dealership in seconds if they walked into this!

8. Who Let The Dogs Out

For the first time ever, adorable dogs made an appearance on Freestyle Friday!

7. Beyonce Bridge Dance

Who run the world? The Texans cheerleaders do!

6. Happy Dance

As one of the catchiest songs from the past year, it was only fair the Texans cheerleaders used it for one of their videos!

5. Restaurant Takeover

If we're being honest, we love the giant hats!

4. Department Store Takeover

Normally, department stores are nice and quiet while you're shopping--that is until these lovely ladies takeover!

3. Christmas Edition

It takes serious talent to pull off the type of dance moves the Texans cheerleaders know how to do, but when you throw ice skating into the mix--that's even more impressive!

2. Halloween

How would you react if you saw the Texans cheerleaders show up at your doorstep on Halloween? Don't lie--it would be pretty awesome!

1. Halloween Part Two

The Halloween editions of Freestyle Friday are always a hit and fans were lucky enough to see not one, but TWO editions this season!

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