Rant Sports: 5 Things You Need To Know, April 22, 2014

By Michael Terrill
5 Things You Need To Know
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Welcome to Rant Sports’ run down of the five things that are going in the sports world today.

This is what the San Antonio Spurs must do if they don’t want to be upset in the first round of the NBA playoffs:

San Antonio Spurs Must Control Dallas Mavericks’ Backcourt to Win Series

Boston Bruins executed the correct plan to get things back on track in Game 2:

Boston Bruins Find Winning Strategy in Game 2 Victory Over Detroit Red Wings

The Memphis Grizzlies’ overtime victory in Game 2 opens the eyes of many people:

Memphis Grizzlies Show Mental Toughness Against Oklahoma City Thunder

Pittsburgh PiratesRussell Martin decided to challenge Martin Maldonado to an offseason fight to settle the brawl from Easter Sunday:

Russell Martin Challenging Martin Maldonado to a Charity Fight is a Terrible Idea

There were several rookies that stood out during the 2013-14 NBA season:

Ranking the Top 10 NBA Rookies in 2013-14

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