Samoan Rugby Player Commits Worst Flop Ever

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Rugby Flop

Did you know that flops weren’t limited to the NBA, NFL and any sort of soccer? Well, if you weren’t aware, let me be first to tell you that it’s become a widespread epidemic that has far surpassed the normal sports we typically see being soiled by flopping.

This video shows us that flopping has even found its way to the world of rugby, considered by many to be the toughness, most physically demanding sport on Earth. I’ll admit it’s a bit depressing to see even such a macho sport succumb to a whimpy move like the flop.

See for yourself:

Now I’m no rugby expert, but I’m thinking a little swat at the face is nothing compared to some of the brutally that goes on in those scrums. Yet somehow, this player thought heaving himself on the floor, looking at the ref to get his attention, and then wailing in pain would get a call in his favor. Especially for a guy from Samoa, that’s extremely pathetic.

C’mon man!

As sad as it is, flopping will likely continue to be a prominent part of sports moving forward. All we can do is teach our young not to commit this disgraceful act and endlessly mock anyone who dares flail around like a fish out of water at the slightest bit of contact.

If anything, at least keep it out of the manly sports like rugby. You expect better from guys who crash into each other without pads for upwards of 80 minutes.

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