President Obama Kicks Soccer Ball Around With Japanese Robot

By RantSports Staff
President Obama
Evan Habeeb – USATODAY Sports

President Obama is a big fan of sports. Most Americans know that. But the folks in Japan are starting to get a better idea after his latest visit.

Check out this viral clip of Obama and a Japanese robot kicking a soccer ball around:

The robot is from Honda and its name is ASIMO. It has the showman side of sports down already, and just needs to work on its kick a little.

It’s crazy to think that robots are interacting with world leaders. The future is definitely here in 2014. Sure, maybe the world isn’t quite like we envisioned it would be at this point, but it’s still pretty crazy.

We don’t have flying cars and teleportation devices, but we do have handheld gadgets that can pull up any piece of information, tell us how to drive from point-A to point-B and pay all of our bills. We’re not living in a Back to the Future II world, but were closer than many people would lead you to believe.

Robots will no doubt become more prevalent in society as the years go by. Before too long we’ll have entire teams of them kicking around soccer balls for our entertainment.

As for the age old question of whether they’ll end up taking over the human race and controlling the planet — it’s hard to buy. At least it’s hard to buy that concept in the near and maybe even distant future. Possibly some day way down the road, robots will have had enough and they’ll start kicking humans to the curb.

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