Chad Johnson's 2012 Domestic Incident Could Keep Him Out of CFL

By Andrew Fisher
Montreal Alouettes

Remember Chad Johnson‘s infamous domestic headbutting incident from 2012? You know, the one that essentially ended his NFL career? Well, it looks like the incident could end his CFL career before it even begins.

Football personality Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Montreal Alouettes are currently awaiting word on whether Johnson will be allowed into Canada on a work permit.

Canada is very strict about letting Americans with criminal records across the border. While the receiver formerly known as Ochocinco doesn’t technically have a domestic incident on his record, we all know what pleading ‘no contest’ means. Canada would be well within its bounds to just tell him no.

Personally, I hope Johnson’s work permit gets denied. I’ve never really been a fan of his. I respected him back when he was actually good at football, but those days are long gone.

Once the headbutt incident took place in 2012, I lost all respect for him. I was ecstatic that the Dolphins released him and I hoped like heck that no other NFL team would give him a shot. Nobody has since.

The Alouettes aren’t really taking a risk by bringing him on board. If his work permit gets denied it won’t alter their season one bit. There’s no place in this world for domestic violence or for any sort of a domestic incident.

Johnson has had his time in the spotlight. Don’t feel bad for him — he’s the one who screwed his life up.

Take a stand, Canada. Deny this buffoon entry into your country.

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