Jay-Z’s Tour With Beyonce May Temporarily Halt Sports Agency Moves

By RantSports Staff
Jay-Z Beyonce NBA game
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You’ve heard it 1,000 times: Jay-Z is the hardest-working man in show business and paired with his wife, Beyonce, they are the hardest-working couple in the flamboyant industry. That’s especially true considering Jay-Z dove into sports agency headfirst last year and came up with a $240 million contract for Robinson Cano. In addition, he’s been able to get stars like Skylar Diggins, Kevin Durant, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz to sign with Roc Nation. But with his “On the RuN’ tour with Beyonce set to take off this summer, that list may not be growing anytime soon.

The agency is now celebrating its one-year anniversary and Jay-Z will recognize his one-year anniversary as a certified sports agent in June. However, as hard-working as he is, he’ll be hard-pressed to get many more big-name athletes to sign with Roc Nation while he’s performing, especially considering how popular he is in the music world.

With rumors and reports nearly a year old that big-name players like LeBron James also wanting to be represented by their favorite rapper, we have to think Jay-Z is at least entertaining those possibilities. Of course, he can talk over the phone in between shows, but he hasn’t added any big-name players to his agency’s arsenal in some time since the flood of stars pledged their loyalty to Roc Nation.

And we also have to remember that his agency is doing most of the heavy lifting now, but could that be a problem moving forward? Let’s be real: the only reason players like Cano and Durant signed with Roc Nation is because of Jay-Z, regardless of how well the agency treats them. Without Jay-Z there to swoon them and talk sports business with them himself, it’s not likely any of their big-time friends will want to join the party.


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