Alabama Swimmer Dies Protecting Girlfriend During Tornado

By Andrew Fisher
Alabama Swimmer

For people in certain parts of the country, Spring can be a scary time of year. While it’s great that the weather is starting to warm up, it also means the possibility of tornadoes. These natural disasters are about as scary as it gets in the weather department.

One Alabama swimmer unfortunately felt the wrath of Mother Nature on Monday.

His name is John Servati, and he died a hero.

Servati was killed after a wall fell and crushed him. But it happened because he was holding the wall up for his girlfriend.

The University has also commented on Servati’s tragic passing:

“John Servati was an extraordinary young man of great character and warmth who had a tremendously giving spirit. During this incredibly difficult time, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all who had the good fortune to know him. He will forever be in our hearts and a part of the Crimson Tide legacy,” said Alabama swim coach Dennis Pursley.

This is one of those stories that’s likely to leave you a little misty eyed.

Although people are often mislabeled as heroes these days, there’s no doubt that Servati is one. He put his girlfriend’s life before his, something only a true man would do.

Our thoughts are with his family in this difficult time. 

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