Dan Patrick Is Solid Choice To Play Alex Trebek On New Sports Jeopardy! Show

By Andrew Fisher
Sports Jeopardy-Dan Patrick
Getty Images

Jeopardy! is an American classic. The trivia show debuted way back in 1964 and the modern version has been hosted by Alex Trebek since 1984. If you like nerding out for a half an hour each day and trying your hand at random trivia, it’s your show.

But until now there hasn’t been an official Jeopardy! sports show. Sure, the show will feature sports-related segments and there have been sports trivia games over the years — but never Sports Jeopardy!

That’s all changing this fall with the launch of a sports-themed show starring Dan Patrick.

The popular radio and television personality will act as Trebek on the sports version of the legendary show. It will be a Sony digital production made available on mobiles, gaming systems and Roku-type devices. A ‘new age’ type of setup.

The show’s producers are definitely on the right track with their decisions so far. It needs to feel different than regular Jeopardy! and also be in line with modern day viewing. More and more people are watching their favorite shows on mobile devices, especially in on-demand format.

Secondly, Patrick is a solid choice for the host. Not everyone likes DP, but he’s well-known and definitely knows his sports. He can be witty and funny, but he can also be a bit of a dick. I’m sure he’ll be able to find a good balance as host of SJ!.

Sports nerds should be pumped for this new show. It’s long overdue, but at least they’re doing it the right way.


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