Rant Sports: 5 Things You Need To Know, May 1, 2014

By Michael Terrill
5 Things You Need To Know
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Welcome to Rant Sports’ run down of the five things that are going on in the sports world today.

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston decided it would be a good idea to shoplift some crab legs from a Publix:

Jameis Winston Blames Crab Leg Theft on Age; Another Slip Up is Looming

And here are the greatest jokes and photo-shopped memes of Winston and his crab legs on Twitter:

The 15 Greatest Twitter Jokes Surrounding Jameis Winston’s Arrest

Apparently, Mike D’Antoni decided to quit the Los Angeles Lakers before they could fire him:

Mike D’Antoni Saves Face, Resigns as Los Angeles Lakers’ Coach

The first round of the 2014 NBA playoffs is nearly over, but these 25 players are still looking to prove something:

2014 NBA Playoffs: 25 Players with Something to Prove

Daniel Carcillo is a star in the making for the New York Rangers:

Daniel Carcillo is New York Rangers’ Unsung Playoff Hero

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