Roger Federer's Wife Gives Birth To Second Set Of Twins

By RantSports Staff
Roger Federer
Getty Images

Roger Federer is arguably the greatest tennis player of all time. As it turns out, he’s also pretty good at fathering twins.

A set of twins. No big deal, right? Wrong. This marks the second set of twins for the famous tennis player and his wife. The couple already has a set of twin girls who are four-years old.

So you know what this means — crazy tennis mixed doubles matches at the Federer household in a few years…

The subject of athletes missing time for the birth of a child has been a pretty serious topic of debate lately. Most people believe athletes should be able to take time off just like regular folks, while others argue that they should be held to a different standard.

Here’s what Federer recently said on the topic (via

“It’s a priority for me trying to be there, trying to support my wife. I’ve played enough tennis matches. Missing a tournament or missing a match wouldn’t change anything for me.”

He was then asked about missing a major like the French Open:

“Yeah, let’s talk about it when it would happen. At the moment we hope it’s not going to be that way. If it is, that’s what it is, you know.”

Most took those comments to mean that he would have indeed skipped the French Open if the circumstances had turned out differently. But that specific conversation is now moot point after his second set of twins arrived healthy and on time.

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