Home of Former Tennis Star James Blake Burns, Four Found Dead

By RantSports Staff
James Blake
Getty Images

In the bizarre ‘sports story’ of the week, former tennis star James Blake‘s home has burned to the ground. Thus far, four bodies have been discovered in the home, but Blake was not present at the time of the fire or anytime recently. This house in Tampa, FL was one that Blake merely rented out, so he’s only associated with this story because his name is on the home’s deed.

The exact incident that took place to set the home on fire is still unclear, but fireworks are believed to be the cause. The victims (two adults, two teenagers) were reportedly found with fireworks wrapped around their heads and there have also been reports of upper body trauma and possibly even gun shot wounds to some. Police are considering all possibilities, but as of now a murder-suicide seems to be the case.

None of the bodies have officially been identified.

Blake bought the 6000-square foot home in 2005 for $1.5 million according to public records. He also has reportedly been renting it out for the last few years.

Now because of this bizarre incident Blake’s name has been tied in. Hopefully he kept up on paying his insurance premiums. Although shooting off fireworks inside a home is not typically a covered peril in the insurance world, you’d have to think this case will be different. Mr. Blake should have had a landlord type of policy in place and those usually cover losses caused by tenant negligence.

But sadly, four people are no longer with us. Our thoughts go out to their families.

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