Roc Nation Owner Jay Z Attacked By Beyonce's Sister In Elevator

By RantSports Staff

In-laws. Some of us have good relationships with them, while others aren’t so lucky. Roc Nation owner Jay Z appears to be part of the latter group.

Check out this video of Beyonce‘s sister, Solange Knowles, going nuts on Jay Z in an elevator via TMZ:

It’s safe to say that she’s not happy about something. You also wonder what would have happened if there weren’t people there to restrain her. But when is Jay Z not constantly surrounded by people?

As of now, there’s no word on what caused the incident…

Even though Jay Z no longer owns part of the Brooklyn Nets because of Roc Nation, he and Beyonce have still been front and center at the team’s playoff games this Spring. The two were seen sitting opposite of Drake during the Toronto series, which made for interesting side television, but Drake’s definitely a more vocal fan.

The Nets are currently locked in a great battle with the Miami Heat. Brooklyn is down two games to one, but we’ll all know a lot more after game four. If the Nets can even things up, anything is possible. But if Miami wins, it’s going to be game, set and match.

Whoever wins the ECF semi-finals will likely have a date with the reemerging Pacers. After it looked like they were done for good this season, Indiana has found its mojo over the last three games to put itself in position for another Finals run.

You can bet that Jay Z and Beyonce will be in attendance on Monday night from the Barclay’s Center. As for Solange? It’s doubtful she’ll make an appearance.

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