High School Pitcher Throws 194 Pitches in Win, Rays' David Price Not Happy

By Connor Muldowney
David Price
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Baseball is an intense sport — despite what some people say. Every pitch seemingly matters and, recently, a high school pitcher from Rochester High School in Washington tossed 194 meaningful pitches in a 1-0 win in 14 innings of play. This was quite the feat, but Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price was not so happy about it.

If you know anything about baseball or the art of pitching, you know that tossing more than 100 pitches is a lot for any pitcher — let alone one in high school.

This kid racked up 194 pitches in 14 innings before his coach pulled him in the top of the 15th inning after he let the first two batters reach base. Yeah, 14 innings is a lot for even the best MLB pitcher — even a guy like Price will never throw that many in a single game in his career. It would just be stupid.

Well, Price wanted to let the young pitcher, Dylan Fosnacht, know how poor of a decision that might have been:

The young pitcher loved the advice, but had this to say to Price:

So who would you agree with in this situation? Should the high school coach receive some heat for letting a young guy like that throw 194 pitches and leaving the same catcher in the entire game and letting him pitch the second game of the double-header that night?

In my opinion, this is just dumb on the coach’s part. However, Fosnacht has something to say to the haters and people like me who criticize the decision:

Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is an impressive feat. Too bad he won’t be able to feel his arm for a couple of weeks.

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