'Jeopardy' Contestants Stumped on Easiest Johnny Manziel Question Ever

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel
Getty Images

Watching ‘Jeopardy’ is something relaxing at the end of a long work day. Some people watch it because they grew up watching it with their parents — or, heck, they even get enjoyment out of it. There are some instances, however, when the contestants make you angry because they miss a simple question. That exact thing happened for sports fans around the nation watching ‘Jeopardy’ on Wednesday night.

When posed the question of where did Johnny Manziel go to college, these contestants totally blew the chance to make some extra — and easy — cash.

So, Manziel went to Alabama according to one clueless contestant and the other two didn’t even bother taking a chance at answering where the most iconic college quarterback went to school for the past few years.

Oh, and don’t mention the fact that he won the Heisman and talks of renaming Kyle Field at Texas A&M to honor the legendary QB.

Okay, so maybe these women don’t follow sports, but it had to slip up somewhere in something that they read at one point in time that Johnny Manziel went to Texas A&M. I mean, come on.

Maybe I’m being to hard on these ladies, but they need to know that even though he is a sports figure, he was one of the most-talked about college athletes in history. Everyone and their brother knows where Johnny Football went to school.

This is the society we live in nowadays — people don’t even know where college stars went to school.

Kidding of course, but this really was the easiest ‘Jeopardy’ question of all time.

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