Man Busted on Drug Charges Says "Roll Tide" While Being Arrested

By Connor Muldowney
Nick Saban
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Everyone knows that drugs are not so good when you’re trying to stay out of legal trouble. People in Alabama seem to be having a tough time figuring that out as one Alabama Crimson Tide fan was arrested on drug charges and replied to the media with a questionable choice of words.

No, he didn’t curse at the media or make a complete fool of himself, rather, he spouted out a very random and very Alabama-esque phrase that had reporters and viewers of Channel 42 News in Alabama shaking their heads.

Usually when you get arrested, although I don’t know from personal experience, you keep your mouth shut no matter how many questions reporters ask because you don’t have to, and shouldn’t, say anything until you have your lawyer by your side.

In this case, the Crimson Tide fan responded with something ridiculous. How do I know he was an Alabama fan? Just listen to what he had to say to the reporter.

Responding to “why are these guys at your house?” with a simple “I’m innocent. Roll Tide” is something that can only truly happen in Alabama.

It seems as if Nick Saban is brainwashing the entire state because this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that a man was arrested and when questioned by reporters, he spouted out “Roll Tide.”

Sure, this is funny, but drugs aren’t.

In all seriousness, though, let this be a lesson to everyone out there. Never trust a man that says “Roll Tide” because he later admitted to taking illegal drugs.

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