Rant Sports: 5 Things You Need To Know, June 2, 2014

By Michael Terrill
5 Things You Need To Know
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Welcome to Rant Sports’ run down of the five things that are going on in the sports world today.

Once again, the Los Angeles Kings proved that they are a team no one wants to face in elimination games. The Kings’ amazing run this season is what allowed them to clinch a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals:

Los Angeles Kings’ Amazing Run Leads Them to 2014 Stanley Cup Final

The New York Rangers might be in trouble before the Stanley Cup Finals even begins, as they definitely don’t match up well against the Kings on paper:

New York Rangers Do Not Match Up Well Against Los Angeles Kings

Here’s a look at a power ranking of the San Antonio Spurs’ starting five as they get ready to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals:

2014 NBA Finals: Power Ranking the San Antonio Spurs’ Starting Five

Many are betting on LeBron James winning a third ring, but here are five reasons why that won’t happen:

2014 NBA Finals: 5 Reasons Why LeBron James Won’t Win Third Ring

With the NBA free agency right around the corner, here are the landing spots for the top 15 free agents:

Predicting the Landing Spots for the Top 15 NBA Free Agents

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