Global Soccer Tournament Illustrates Samsung's "I See Your Dreams" Initiative (Sponsored)

By Jeric Griffin

Every four years an ongoing sporting event unites the world. For the few weeks during this event, we all put our differences aside and children across the globe watch the future of their dreams as a reality, which is what Samsung’s latest “I see your dreams” initiative seeks to accomplish. We’re not talking about the Olympics, as great as the Games are; we’re talking about the Global Soccer Tournament that captivates everyone for one full summer month.

Soccer unites everyone in the world every fourth year, including the countries who aren’t represented by players on the field in the prestigious tournament. The fine folks of those countries, and especially their children, are represented in spirit and by their dream. In other words, it’s mission accomplished for Samsung’s latest “I See Your Dreams” initiative, which will blow you away in the video above. The song “I see your dreams” heard in the video was created by Samsung themselves and further advocates soccer’s unification of children across the world.

While their older friends and family live and die by the results of this tournament, these children are simply watching, awestruck, as their dreams dance in front of them in the form of elite soccer players all vying for one goal.

Of course, that watching doesn’t last long because then they’re all outside with their own soccer balls that experience all the emotions of their owners. This unique bond between child and toy transforms into a friendship illustrated in the video above. If you haven’t already watched the video and familiarized yourself with “I see your dreams,” let Samsung’s initiative show you what it’s all about.

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