Formula One Must Overturn Penalty on Sergio Perez

By Rohit Ghosh
Force India Formula One Car Sergio Perez
Photo courtesy of Sahara Force India Formula One Facebook

Force India has submitted new evidence to Formula One’s governing body in hopes to have Sergio Perez’s five-place grid penalty overturned in preparation for Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix. The penalty in question was picked up when Perez (Mexico) collided with Brazilian Felipe Massa – driving for Williams –  in Canada as both competed for fourth place on the last lap.

“When somebody is paying so many penalties, is causing so many problems, you cannot believe him,” Massa said. “I will not trust him anymore, definitely. When I will be behind him, I will think three times where I need to go because I don’t know what he’s going to do.”

At the time, it was ruled that Perez had changed his racing line, which ultimately resulted in the two cars crashing into the barriers. The accident took place at 300 kph.

“The rules say that when somebody moves the car behind and puts the front wheel on the side of your rear tires, you cannot turn the car anymore, you cannot move anymore, so he didn’t follow,” Massa said.

Force India said Thursday they have new evidence to overturn the penalty.

All along, Perez has actually blamed Massa for the collision. Perez said that he was following the same lines and braking patters as he had on the previous lap, and the replays prove that.

“I watched several replays of the incident and I can’t help but notice how Felipe turns right just before he hits me. I can only think he must have changed his mind and wanted to rejoin the racing line,” he said after Canada.

With points on the line and no real proof to justifiably blame just one driver, the governing body of Formula One must reverse the penalty on Perez and Force India.

“We have enough evidence to prove that I did nothing wrong,” Perez said.

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