Jace Williams Gets Close and Personal in Exclusive RantSports Interview

By RanterX

We sat down with the newest of the RantGirls, former Cal softball player Jace Williams, for a get-to-know-you conversation and man, did she wow us. Not only is she really easy on the eyes, but she’s pretty much the coolest chick you’ll ever meet. Check out her exclusive video interview above!

Some tidbits from her interview:

She absolutely loves laying out and getting a tan by the pool or on the beach. She mentioned that multiple times among her hobbies and when we asked what she would be if she could be any animal: She said a snake so she could just lay out all time. Gotta love the way this babe thinks!

There’s definitely no music career in her future as she admitted she has a “terrible voice” and won’t sing for anyone. We won’t hold that against her!

She also admitted she enjoys coaching and playing volleyball more than softball, although the latter gave her more opportunities in college and allowed her to stay on the West Coast. Gotta love a multitalented girl!

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