Wimbledon 2014: Rafael Nadal Will Have No Problem Regrouping

By Michael Peckerar
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There was quite a scare at Wimbledon as Rafael Nadal struggled with Lukas Rosol.

Though Nadal came away with the win, it could raise a question as to whether or not Nadal could be brought down early in the tournament, opening a road for Andy MurrayNovak Djokovic and Roger Federer to move ahead with greater ease. This is ridiculous.

Rosol is known as a giant killer, and he’s done it before. He’s got a wicked serve and terrific court vision. But ultimately he lost. No matter how solid his game, he’s ranked 52 in the world, and no matter the giants he’s killed, he’s an also-ran in the tournament.

One does not rise to the level of play Nadal has without having the ability to adapt and move on. There’s a lot of fluff between right now and the later rounds. A scare like this only makes Nadal stronger and will actually make him more of a threat to Murray and Djokovic in the late rounds.

Nadal is no joke, and to speculate his play is faltering because he dropped one set to Rosol is short-sighted and nonsensical. What is easier to believe is that this scare proves Nadal is skilled enough, seasoned enough and an elite level player who will wind up in the later rounds and justify his second seed status. The more logical question would be how much tougher will he be moving forward and what does this mean for Murray who has cruised through the early rounds relatively unchallenged so far.

It remains fact that a champion has to go through Murray or Djokovic, but it might be wise to place Nadal into that sentence where he rightfully belongs. One scary match is not justification for questioning the ability of someone on that level.

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