Wimbledon 2014: Venus Williams' Early Exit Should Not Be That Surprising

By Michael Peckerar
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Hopes get crushed in a tournament like Wimbledon and American superstar Venus Williams is not immune.

Petra Kvitova was able to not only take Williams out, but also did so in pretty dominating fashion. Beating the five-time champion in three sets would seem like a massive moment for Kvitova, but it really is a thing that should have happened.

While Williams is a charismatic and well-known player, she simply faced a tougher opponent. Many fans are in complete outcry over the loss, but it’s a fact of life that the stronger player will win. Kvitova was ranked higher and had stronger play. Actually, it was more surprising to see Kvitova go a set down against Williams and have to rally back.

This is one of the unfortunate examples of short-sightedness on the part of many American fans in the arena of international sports. Any time an American athlete rises to prominence in a sport that is played on a worldwide stage, that is the name Americans latch onto and they’re immediately the best thing in the world. Case in point would be Lance Armstrong. There are still American fans who think he is racing in the Tour de France despite having retired twice. He’s all they know.

Shock and surprise over Williams’ exit is the exact same problem. People across America know her and her sister Serena Williams and that’s what they go with because any other name is too foreign sounding. The exception to that being Maria Sharapova, but that relates to her looks. Americans will forego the head-in-the-sand rule if someone is hot.

Williams lost, and rightfully so. She was lucky to have taken the set she did and deserved to be dispatched early. While she did have her moments of greatness in the tournament, she couldn’t sustain it. Before throwing one’s hand up in shock, stop and ask if being recognizable should always equate to athletic prowess.

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