Scott Stapp And 10 Terrible Acts Who Botched Their Performances At Sporting Events

By Jordan Wevers

Scott Stapp And 10 Terrible Acts Who Botched Their 4th of July Tributes At Sporting Events

Scott Stapp
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Scott Stapp is brutal. It is mystifying to think that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences actually awarded this man and his now-defunct band Creed a Grammy. His growling, brooding tone does not pair well at all with the national anthem, which he's botched on a number of occasions. However, his song Marlins Will Soar is beyond terrible, and the Marlins organization should be embarrassed about even commissioning the affair.

Scott Stapp - Marlins Will Soar

A marlin is a fish, so how exactly will it soar, Scott? Perhaps he had mistaken a marlin with a purple martin, a type of bird. Or maybe Merlin the Wizard, who probably had magical powers that allowed him to levitate in a time before science existed. More likely, he's just an over-the-top, cheesy songwriter who does not realize that there is no longer a market for his work. Maybe he should go back to school and take Biology 101. Check out the next slide for Jim Rome's hilarious analysis of this utter travesty. You won't regret it.

Jim Rome's Take On Scott Stapp's "Marlin's Will Soar"

Rome kills it as usual, in this audio clip. Stapp performed the National Anthem at a Marlins home game in 2010, and "Marlins Will Soar" debuted after that. Just as Rome lays it out, the jingle has received universally negative reviews. But Stapp seems to be fond of it, as he actually posted the official video to his WordPress blog that virtually nobody reads.

10. Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton was born in New Haven, CT. He is an American, and it does not get more American than a Red Sox/Yankees game. But in 2003 before opening pitch, Bolton did not come across as very American, as he had to peek at the lyrics to the "Star Spangled Banner." He was much sharper in 1993 when he performed the anthem before a World Series game. Like Samson, maybe he lost his confidence after he cut his locks.

9. Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith frontman has a unique voice, but it certainly does not jive well without any melody behind it, or the "Star Spangled Banner" for that matter. His rendition at the Indianapolis 500 in 2001 is like fingernails on a chalk board. He's probably better off sticking with lending his vocals to movies where Bruce Willis saves the world.

8. New Kids on the Block

Was this a Super Bowl halftime show, or a promotional segment for Disneyland? The 90s were a weird time. I'm not quite sure how this performance was a tribute to the armed forces, and it's safe to say that there are not many youths aged 2-7 glued to their TV sets to watch grown men fight over a pigskin in the trenches of a football field.

7. William Hung

Listen carefully, as Mr. Hung requests the crowd at Rogers Stadium in 2004 to purchase him a part of the male reproductive system, as opposed to the much more common peanuts that are an American tradition at ball games. His 15 minutes were up long ago, unless Kim Jong-un has since secretly hired him as his own personal barber.

6. Alexis Normand

Probably once an aspiring singer, Normand picked the wrong moment to choke on national television. Maybe she is still aspiring, but her services to sing live at a sporting event will certainly never be called on again. Or maybe she just needs to hire the same agent that Scott Stapp employs, because that person has an eye for talent and knows how to get his clients gigs at sporting events. If you read this Alexis, you can touch base with Scott via his blog:

5. Chris Brown

The performance is lacking, but any organization that invites this man to honor America by singing the National Anthem at an event is openly inviting a maelstrom of controversy and backlash. FOX needs to get Chris Brown in the ring with Scott Stapp for a 12-round celebrity boxing match. An occurrence of that magnitude would be worthy of a PPV spot, no question.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

"I can't hear you, Chicago?" I don't think you can hear yourself, Ozzy. I don't think he thought that anyone in attendance at Wrigley Field on that day in 2003 could hear him, or a bolt of lightening striking home plate, for that matter. Have another cold one, Ozzy, because Harry Caray is turning in his grave.

3. Roseanne Barr

You have to wonder if the San Diego Padres were aware of Barr's true intentions before she belted out this number in 1990. Obviously it was a gag of sorts, and Roseanne is a comedienne, not a singer by trade. Madonna thinks Americans need to get a sense of humor, but paying tribute to the land of the free and the home of the brave hardly seems like an appropriate time to be comical.

2. Black Eyed Peas

From the auto-tuning to the costumes, to just about everything else, this halftime performance at Super Bowl XLV in 2001 was just downright uninspiring and a waste of money. I, for one, have a hard time believing the Black Eyed Peas even rehearsed this performance. Fergie is no Axl Rose, ladies and gentlemen.

1. Ashlee Simpson

What's Ashlee Simpson doing these days? She's absolutely NOT selling out auditoriums, or lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live for that matter. The performance of her song "La La," where she yells and wheezes into the microphone for nearly three minutes at the 2005 Orange Bowl halftime show, is very amusing. She was booed by a majority of the 72,000 fans in attendance.

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