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10 Sports Movies That Were Simply Terrible

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There are bad movies, and then there are bad sports movies. And then there are terrible sports movies. When they are terrible they can be hard to watch, or painfully fun.

10. Talladega Nights

The scene with him jumping out of his car on fire was pretty funny. The rest was borderline abomination and felt longer than Braveheart and Titanic combined.

9. Like Mike

The first movie role for Lil Bow Wow (ugh) was a performance as the 14-year-old star NBA rookie who lives his dream because he stumbled upon an old pair of Air Jordans that allegedly belonged to the man himself. Couldn't he have just slipped on the ball, break his arm and become the master of the hook shot?

8. Rocky V

This movie is so bad it's nearly impossible to even refer to it as a guilty pleasure. The thing is a chore to watch and features horrendous acting and an even worse story. Really? A street fight? Nobody would have complained if they had a sanctioned boxing match. Enough nonsense has happened in all of the Rocky movies that it wouldn't have been far fetched to put them in a ring to at least make it sort of feel like a movie from the same franchise.

7. Caddyshack 2

Who thought this was a good idea? Were they intentionally trying to soil the good name of a comedy classic like the original? I really can't think of any other excuse.

6. BASEketball

I consider this to be a superb guilty pleasure. From the creators of South Park comes a movie that resembles a really long sketch from Mad TV. Parker and Stone were likely just making a film to entertain themselves and somehow it got a worldwide release.

5. Air Bud

The original was very bad but a cute enough movie for kids. Too bad they didn't stop there. This has spawned a sprawling and horrifying horde of movies about increasingly dumb puppies playing sports and their dumber owners looking inept for 90 minutes worth of mind numbing "jokes".

4. Semi-Pro

Did this really happen? I have to assume these movies keep getting the green light because Will Ferrell has proof of something heinous being done by the men and women in charge of all of the decision making in Hollywood. He plays a basketball player from the 1970s and spends his time with his sidekick Jon "Napoleon Dynamite" Heder, and neither of them do anything mildly interesting or funny.

3. Ed

Not quite sure why Matt LeBlanc decided that this would be a good career move, but thankfully Friends continued for another eight years after this was released. A monkey third baseman. That is what this movie is about. Ed is no Dunston, that's for sure. Oh, and why did LeBlanc dress like Ernest while not in uniform?

2. Ladybugs

The premise of this movie is absolutely ridiculous. Rodney Dangerfield has a terrible girls soccer team and needs to ensure that they win, so he enlists his stepson, who wears a wig and some makeup. Nobody, including the other girls on the team, seems to catch on. It's actually really creepy, but it's all okay in the end!

1. Matilda

A guy brings a boxing kangaroo to America in hopes to find some success. The kangaroo (a male named Matilda for some reason) ends up knocking out the World Champ at a carnival. They suddenly let a dangerous wild animal headline shows and become a star. This is like every bad movie you can think of combined into one. Even worse, they strongly considered using a real kangaroo instead of a man in a suit. And the issue wasn't even safety related, it was just too hard to film it in a viewer-friendly fashion.