Rant Sports: 5 Things You Need To Know, July 1, 2014

By Michael Terrill
5 Things You Need To Know
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Welcome to Rant Sports’ run down of the five things that are going on in the sports world today.

The only way USMNT defeats Belgium in the elimination round is if they play cautiously:

World Cup 2014: USMNT Must Continue to Play Cautiously Against Belgium

Here’s a look at the great Lionel Messi and the 10 best scorers in the history of the World Cup:

Lionel Messi and the 10 Greatest Scorers in World Cup History

Kobe Bryant wants to join forces with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Unfortunately, there’s a catch in order to do so:

Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant’s Pitch to LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony is Pathetic

Derrick Rose says he won’t recruit Carmelo Anthony to join the Chicago Bulls, which is a huge mistake:

Derrick Rose Wrong, Should Be Willing to Recruit Carmelo Anthony to Bulls

Jake Arrieta’s performance this season proves that he’s the next ace of the Chicago Cubs:

Jake Arrieta Will Be Chicago Cubs’ Future Ace

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