Wimbledon 2014: Novak Djokovic Will Have No Problem In Finals

By Michael Peckerar
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Baring some unforeseen circumstance, Wimbledon will likely belong to Novak Djokovic.

Entering the finals after his defeat of Grigor Dimitrov in four sets, every sign possible points to Djokovic eating strawberries and cream when it’s all over. No matter what contender Roger Federer has to say, there aren’t a lot of players on the court right now who can answer to what Djokovic is laying down.

While statistics are nice to read and throw around, the most important thing about Djokovic is that he has battled through some tough matches on his run to the finals, while others either cruised or folded. Federer may have had the next toughest run of the tournament, but it will likely not be nearly enough to give him an edge on Djokovic.

Dimitrov is no joke. He took down previous champion Andy Murray, which is a big feat regardless of the milk run he took through the tournament. He’s a solid player and took the dominating Djokovic to four sets, which not many players have been able to do.

Should it end up being a Djokovic-Federer match to decide the tournament, with the way things are right here and right now, Djokovic is the safe bet. It could be argued that Federer would take him in perhaps three matches out of five, but they’re not going to play five matches. Djokovic is on a big-time roll, and there aren’t many things one can do to answer to a player with momentum like that.

There’s nothing to guarantee a victory for anyone, but don’t be surprised in the end when Djokovic is able to claim a second Wimbledon title.

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