Tiger Woods Won’t Let Recent Injuries Prevent Him From Winning British Open

Tiger Woods

Getty Images

Picking a favorite to win the 2014 British Open, also known as the Open Championship, won’t be easy due to the numerous competitive golfers who are playing great in recent weeks. With that being said, everyone can feel confident that Tiger Woods won’t be in consideration, which is perfectly understandable considering he has been recovering from back surgery. The only issue with that is Woods refuses to use his injuries as a crutch as he fully intends to be in contention to win the Open Championship.

“I’ve been in circumstances like this,” Woods said during a press conference Tuesday morning, according to ESPN. “If you remember in ’08 I had knee surgery right after the Masters. I won a U.S. Open. I didn’t play more than nine holes and the Sunday before the U.S. Open I didn’t break 50 for nine holes and still was able to win it in a playoff, with an (torn) ACL and a broken leg.

“I’ve proven I can do it, it’s just a matter of putting my game and giving myself the best chances this week to put the ball in the correct spots, to be aggressive when I can, and obviously to hole putts. That’s a recipe you find for every major championship, but I’ve just got to do it this week.”

Since undergoing back surgery on March 31, the golf legend has only been able to play two competitive rounds of golf. That occurred at the Congressional Country Club a few weeks ago when he failed to make the cut at the Quicken Loans National. Clearly, Woods has bigger aspirations heading into this weekend at the Royal Liverpool Golf Course in Hoylake, England.

Woods looked good in his 18-hole practice round today. Most will be quick to point out that it only being a practice round is why no one should get too excited quite yet. On the other hand, the fact that Woods is looking more like himself in the days leading up to the British Open should have golf fans around the world eager to see what he will be able to accomplish once the tournament gets underway on Thursday.

It may be a false hope to believe Woods will be a factor in the Open Championship, but if anyone can take advantage of the opportunity, it is the superstar himself.

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