Tiger Woods Hits Person in the Face with Tee Shot at British Open

By Michael Terrill
Tiger Woods
Getty Images

The 2014 British Open is officially underway as several golfers are already finishing up their rounds. Tiger Woods, who is a fan favorite as usual to win the tournament, got off to a rough start. Fortunately, he managed to turn his round around. But before he was done on Thursday, he lost control of one of his tee shots and struck an innocent bystander in the face.

It was not as if Woods sliced the tee shot at No. 17 horribly and the ball went into the area where the fans stand. The ball simply took one bounce in the rough and smacked one of the ball markers in the face. It certainly did not help that the person was not looking in the direction of Woods when it happened. In fact, it looks as if he was staring at the fairway waiting for the shot to land. The good news is the person was not hurt in the process, and Woods recorded a par on the hole.

After a bad start to The Open Championship, which included back-to-back bogeys on the first and second holes, Woods got control of his game and the round. The front nine was simply his practice as he got going on the back nine. Woods birdied five holes including three straight. He also only managed three bogeys for the entire round, which left him with an impressive 69 and three under for the tournament.

As of right now, it appears Woods’ back held up, but only time will tell if it will allow him to stay at a competitive level over the weekend.

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