More Impressive Feat of Strength: 700-Pound Squat Or 443-Pound Clean For Reps?

By Shane Darrow
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This week, we were treated with two exceptional feats of strength from two premiere college athletes. First up, we have All-Big Ten offensive tackle and highly-recruited NFL prospect Brandon Scherff, who was recently filmed hang cleaning 443 pounds (or a hair over 200 kilograms) for three reps.

As a weightlifting junky, it’s difficult to explain how absolutely ridiculous this feat is. When it comes to deadlifting, which is when you move the weight from the floor to your hip, basically just picking it up, hitting 405 pounds is a huge weightlifting milestone. In a corporate gym, this would be lifting eight plates (one plate equals 45 pounds) and puts you on a separate tier from the everyday weightlifter.

I can’t make it more clear: hang cleaning is much, much more difficult than deadlifting. A hang clean not only requires a ridiculous amount of strength, but also perfect technique in order to maneuver the amount of weight that Scherff is holding. On top of this, Scherff did three reps, which means that this isn’t even the most he could clean.

Considering he is training for the season, many strength coaches don’t support lifting up to your one-rep max for fear of risking injury, but tells us that cleaning 443 pounds for three reps would give Scherff a one-rep max of 469 pounds, which is just ridiculous.

Here’s the video:

Next up, we have University of South Florida defensive tackle Todd Chandler squatting 700 pounds. Chandler, who stands at six feet, 320 pounds, was shown squatting 700 pounds during a workout at the Bulls’ weightlifting facility. While I don’t really understand why you would risk having one of your players hurt themselves with 700 pounds on their back, I’m surely grateful that this video was produced.

Now, someone being able to squat over twice their body weight isn’t too uncommon, but it is when you weigh over 300 pounds. This is an absurd show of strength, and it’s no wonder why everyone in the gym went berserk as soon as Chandler racked the weight.

So what do you guys think is the most impressive feat of strength – Scherff’s 443-pound clean for reps or Chandler’s 700-pound squat?

My vote is for Scherff. While Chandler’s squat is undoubtedly impressive, I’ve never seen someone even come within 100 pounds of a 443-pound clean in person, so that’s just not even real to me. It also appears that Chandler is a bit shallow on his descent, but I’m not going to nitpick a 700-pound squat.

Shane Darrow is an NHL writer for Rant Sports and amateur powerlifter. You can follow him on Twitter @ShaneDarrow.

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