Michelle Beadle Blasts Stephen A. Smith After Foolish Comments

By RantSports Staff
Michelle Beadle
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Stephen A. Smith doesn’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to talking sports. His over-the-top opinions on First Take can rub folks the wrong way. But on Friday he made some comments that have many people, specifically women, very upset.

Smith, while discussing the Ray Rice situation, implied that some women are responsible for the domestic violence against them.

As you can imagine, many have voiced their displeasure over Smith’s take. The most notable so far has been none other than Smith’s colleague at ESPN, Michelle Beadle.

The Sports Nation host took to Twitter to voice her disgust over Stephen A.’s comments:

Well played, Beadle. It’s time more notable people start to speak out against Mr. Smith and his ridiculous takes.

It’s a safe bet that ESPN is extra unhappy because the comments and criticism came from employees, but oh well. They’ll be the ones getting criticized if they punish Beadle.

**Update** Stephen A. has apologized:


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