5 Biggest Hotheads In Sports History

By Mike Gibson

5 Biggest Hotheads In Sports History

Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson,
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Recently, the news has involved a lot of hotheads in sports, which got me to thinking -- who are the biggest hotheads in sports history?

We’ve come up with five pretty good ones -- guys who have had the more than one occasional outburst, but really have had at least one all-timer. Here are our five top biggest hotheads of sports history.

5. John McEnroe

For a single phrase, few can top John McEnroe’s “Are You Serious?” question he had of an umpire at Wimbledon. Think about that for at least one moment. Staid, old, Wimbledon being shaken to a core by this upstart from New York; that made for great theater and great ratings for tennis.

4. Mike Tyson

For a brief period, Mike Tyson was the most feared boxer in the sport, and he had the anger to match the attitude. After he ended one interview with the memorable, “I’ll eat your children” Tyson then went into a heavyweight boxing match against Evander Holyfield and literally bit off his ear.

3. Lee Elia

Ever wonder how the Chicago Cubs drew all of those great weekday afternoon crowds? So did former Cubs’ manager Lee Elia, who went into this long rant about his own team’s fans. It’s worth listening to even now, years later.

2. Mike Gundy

Another great soundbite was provided by Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy. As if you did not know what defined a man, Gundy put a number to it by starting off calmly displaying a newspaper rant about a story he objected to, and then adding in the unforgettable, “I’m a man. I’m 40.”

1. Tony Stewart

No matter what you think about what happened last weekend, whether friend or foe of Tony Stewart, pretty much everyone who either has two eyes or two ears will admit that Stewart is maybe the hottest of the hotheads. Here is one video that proves it, where he throws a helmet at Matt Kenseth. You have to give Kenseth a lot of credit for steering away from Stewart.

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