Texans Cheerleaders Take You Back to School Shopping For Freestyle Friday

By Dan Parzych
(Texans Cheerleaders YouTube)
(Texans Cheerleaders YouTube)

Good news for fans of the Houston Texans cheerleaders after what seems like an offseason that has lasted forever–Freestyle Fridays are officially back in business!

Last year, the Texans cheerleaders started a fantastic tradition in which they would host a friendly dance off every Friday, but the best part is we never knew where it was going to take place. From a Sonic drive thru to a surprise marriage proposal to even an appearance by Vanilla Ice himself, these ladies sure knew how to kick off every weekend the right way with these videos and with preseason officially underway–we have our first Freestyle Friday video for the 2014 season.


This time, it looks like these ladies have officially taken over a Palais Royal store to get you excited for their back to school sale–and it’s absolutely hilarious. Not only do the girls show off some awesome back to school gear (including backpacks), but they get creative and are hilarious with some of the moves they pull off–which most of us can only wish we could do.

Watching a bunch of gorgeous ladies dance to the classic rap song “Wild Thing” will never get old and thank you to the wonderful Texans cheerleaders for getting us fans even more excited for the NFL regular season to officially get under way in a few weeks. And in case you really enjoyed the video above, you may want to check out some of their best Freestyle Friday videos from the 2013 season.

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