Watch the Texans Cheerleaders Participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By Dan Parzych
(Texans Cheerleaders YouTube)
(Texans Cheerleaders YouTube)

In case you’ve been living under the rock for the entire month of August, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the internet by storm over the last couple of weeks and has even seen professional sports teams participate in it as well–including the New England Patriots and New York Jets. Now, it looks like the cheerleaders of the Houston Texans have got in on the action after they were challenged by Hot 95.7 in Houston and now–they’re calling out PitbullKy Meyer, and Roman Reigns to take part in the challenge next.

The whole idea behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is simple–you get 24 hours to make a video pouring ice cold water over your head or make a donation (even though most people have been choosing to do both) to help raise awareness for ALS, a neurodegenerative disorder also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The campaign has been spreading like crazy across the country and has seen all sorts of celebrities participate as well–so it’s awesome to see a cheerleading squad like the Texans cheerleaders take part in it as well to help raise awareness for the disease.

Everybody knows these lovely ladies have always had a strong impact when it comes to social media and of course we all can’t wait to see if Pitbull, Ky Meyer, and Roman Reigns agree to do the challenge now that they have less than 24 hours to go!

For more on ALS, click here.

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