Butch Harmon Won’t Be Tiger Woods’ Coach, Doesn’t Think He Needs One

By Michael Terrill
Tiger Woods Butch Harmon
Getty Images

It was revealed yesterday that golfer Tiger Woods fired swing coach Sean Foley. The main reason was because he wanted to start fresh next year. The firing allows him to head in a new direction in his golf game. Some people were quick to point out that the parting of ways with Foley opened the door for Woods to reunite with Butch Harmon, his old swing coach. However, Harmon was quick to state that it was not a possibility.

“No I would not and he’s not going to call and ask,” Harmon said, according to CBS Sports. “I don’t think he needs a swing coach. If I were advising Tiger I’d tell him, ‘You’re the greatest player that ever lived, just go to the range and hit shots.'”

Even though Woods is not the greatest golfer who ever lived, although he certainly is up there, there is some truth to Harmon’s statement. At this point in his career, Woods might just be better off working on his game alone. That way he can figure out his main issues, fix them on the driving range and maybe it will result in another major victory before he is too wore down to win one again.

Some have speculated that it was Foley’s tactics that have put more strain on Woods’ back, which has resulted in him hardly being able to play in 2014. Whether there is truth to the statement or not, moving on from Foley is definitely the right call. Woods needs to find a coach who can help him with a new game plan so that he can be the comeback story in 2015 that he desperately wants to achieve.

Of the seven events Woods was healthy enough to appear in this season, he only made the cut four times and failed to generate a top-10 finish. In fact, his total earnings from the seven events are $108,275.

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