EFLI: Interview with Preteesh Balyaya of the Mumbai Gladiators

By Rohit Ghosh
Preteesh Balyaya EFLI Mumbai Gladiators
Photo courtesy of Preteesh R. Balyaya Facebook

With Season 2 of the EFLI coming up later in 2014, Rant Sports chatted with Preteesh Balyaya, lineman and star of EFLI’s Mumbai Gladiators. Balyaya had a clear tangible impact on the field, ultimately earning the award for best offensive lineman in Season 1 (The Grossman Award). With a strong background in judo, weight-lifting and sumo wrestling, Balyaya has all the tools to become one of the best american football players in India.

Check out the interview below …

What do you think was the No.1 challenge in terms of adapting to the sport of American football?

It was understanding the game and its rules and regulation along with each players different positions and responsibilities.

What do you want to improve about your game going from Season 1 to Season 2?

Nothing to improve – just play other positions [on the field] as well, and be the best [I can be].

Have you heard about the Brain Sentry sensors the EFLI is planning on implementing? For better player safety. How do you feel about that?

I am happy and excited that they are taking some precautions for the players. But for us as gladiators, we are ready for any impact.

Who can possibly have it better than us? Noooobody.

Have you had to stay in shape in the offseason? Are you exercising or dieting a certain way to make sure you stay in shape? If so, please explain what you are doing to stay in shape.

I had been to Denver for training on my own expenses, sold my car and took some loan to get the training. It was something unbelievable the way euro stopwatch changed me into linebacker from offensive lineman. That was magic – I could run faster, I was lifting heavier. I even had the opportunity to train with the LA KISS.

This coming season I will be playing offense as well as defense. I would like to thank coach Francisco, coach Brian and coach frank for the transformation.

Diet – around 1kg chicken, 20 eggs and protein shakes along with heavy workout in the gym. Currently weight training with proper form and scientific techniques under K11, the best fitness industry in India. Kaizzad Kapadia owns the facility. And thanks to him for allowing us to workout in his gym without asking any money and will be soon on board with our organization EFLI. People like Kapadia – who is so generous and supportive – is the reason that some sportsmen like us can still see the dream of being the best in sports.

What is your long term goal with this sport? Do you envision this being your career, or will you still do other work while playing?

I haven’t thought about the future yet, but as for now, I will be playing and continuing to give my best to my teammates and our organization (EFLI). I don’t know about the career, but it has become my passion. Will work and continue playing sports until I have something left in my heart and bones … ha ha ah aha.

Do you or other players in the EFLI watch film footage of NFL to see how you can improve?

We do watch a lot when I am at my father’s place and no work to do. The best thing is to go to YouTube and watch some drills, some games and some movies. Viraj Kelekar, my quarterback downloads some games for me so that I can watch it.

My favorite NFL team is the San Francisco 49ers.

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