Check Out DeMarco Murray Being a Baby, Offering Up More Proof He Was a Terrible Signing

By Jeff Shull

Not only is DeMarco Murray having literally the worst start to any NFL runningback’s season with at least 20 carries (21 carries, 11 yards), but he’s also crying about it on the sideline. This doesn’t help anyone, but don’t tell him that. The above video is him clearly screaming at his coaches to “Give [him] the f—ing ball next series.” Why would they even do that when you’re sucking so hard? Then, later in the game, after Sam Bradford had fumbled, Murray hit him with this stare of death.

It’s tough to explain how hilarious it is to not only see Murray failing so hard against his former team, but also making matters worse by causing a scene on the sideline. Things can’t be going well inside the Philadelphia Eagles‘ locker room right now. In the mean time, enjoy some hilarious Murray memes.

DeMarco Meme4 DeMarco Meme3 DeMarco Meme1 DeMarco Meme2

Jeff Shull is Senior Social Strategist at Rant, Inc. You can follow him on Twitter, where he’ll throw endless shade at the Eagles and Cowboys whenever he can.

h/t BroBible, Dallas Morning News

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