Here Are the Disturbing Images From Greg Hardy's Domestic Violence Case

By RanterX
Greg Hardy
Getty Images

This offseason, after he avoided domestic violence charges, Greg Hardy signed with the Dallas Cowboys to the chagrin of many NFL fans. There were numerous reports regarding his digressions, and despite the charges being dropped, folks weren’t happy that a less-than-pleasant character would still be allowed to make millions via the NFL.

Well now we have further evidence that this scumbag doesn’t deserve the right to make millions playing football.

Deadspin did an in-depth report on Hardy’s domestic violence case, uncovering police photos of the victim’s many bruises. It’s disturbing to see the amount of damage allegedly done by Hardy, which makes it all the more ridiculous that he was found innocent.

Be aware — the images may be disturbing to some readers.

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You can see more pictures and read further details via Deadspin’s report.

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