Marcus Jordan Sounds Off On Kanye West's 'Jumpman' Diss

By Timothy Downs

By now, we all know Kanye West is mad at Nike for how things played out with his sneaker deal. West is now with Adidas, where things are going ever so swimmingly — for now.

West, never one to bite his tongue, recently lashed out at Nike (among others) in a bizarre track called “Facts,” in which he also speaks on other recent events like the Bill Cosby allegations, and Steve Harvey’s mishap when hosting the Miss Universe pageant (hear the song here).

Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend and sneaker juggernaut Michael Jordan, took exception to West’s comment in the song that he “jumped over the jumpman” in reference to Jordan’s sneaker brand.

The younger Jordan took to Twitter with the following tweets addressing the situation:

West deserved the shots. If he thinks he’s on a higher level than Jordan when it comes to sneakers, than he truly is as crazy as we thought he is.

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