Movie About Boston Marathon Bombings is Way Too Soon

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Some stories don’t need to be told right away, just as some people don’t need to be reminded of events that occurred too closely in the past. A movie about the Boston Marathon bombings coming in the next few years […]

5 Best Comebacks Of 2013


Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera Prove Golf is Truly a Gentleman’s Game

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They say that golf is a gentleman’s game and yesterday’s final round of the Masters Tournament was once again proof of that. While the playoff between eventual winner Adam Scott and runner-up Angel Cabrera was being played, I couldn’t help but […]

Rory McIlroy Receives an Inspirational Message from Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods and Roy McIlroy have become very good friends on and off the golf course. Just a few weeks ago they played a few rounds of golf together when no one was watching, have filmed a Nike commercial together […]

Terrell Owens Finds a Perfect Job for His Vain Personality

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Terrell Owens was once a great football player, a dominating wide receiver who achieved great success on the field. He is near the top of the NFL record books for the wide receiver position in almost every category, yet it […]

10-Year Old Snowboarder Joey Okesson’s Sick Moves Leave People Speechless

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Imagine you’re out snowboarding and having a great time just going down a mountain. Then you look up and see another snowboarder spinning, twisting and doing tricks all the way down. Then you see that person at the bottom of […]

Will Sporting Events Soon Be Missing A Big Game Tradition?

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Going to a sporting event has its perks, such as bragging to friends that you were there, and there is also a special feeling that comes from going to a game. I love being at games because of everything that […]

Erin Andrews May Need To Watch Her Back After ‘Kiss Dissing’ 50 Cent At Daytona 500

In the rap world it’s called being ‘dissed’ and it’s exactly what Erin Andrews did to rapper 50 Cent at the Daytona 500 and because of the incident, she should watch her back. When rappers get dissed, there’s no telling […]

All Major Sports Should Agree To Strict Universal Suspension Rules

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If you look at the rules for all of the four major sports, you’ll find that their suspensions rules all differ when it comes to getting into trouble off the field. Whether it is illegal drugs, performance enhancing drugs or being […]

Vijay Singh Does What Ray Lewis Should Do: Admit To Using Deer-Antler Spray

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In the United States of America, people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but for athletes it rarely works that way. There have been too many examples of how athletes from every sport you can imagine proclaiming themselves […]

Tiger Woods Has Found Himself Someone New To Cheat On—Skier Lindsey Vonn

Well, I guess the rumors about Tiger Woods getting back with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren were a little bit far fetched since there are new rumors about someone that Woods might be dating, and cheating on, skier Lindsey Vonn. The Hollywood […]

Place Your Bets: A Camel Predicts Super Bowl Winner

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The practice of animals predicting who’s going to win a sporting event has become something of a fad and this year is no different. This year a camel is getting in on the prediction business and she’s already picked a […]