There’s A Bigger Sadness To Lance Armstrong Saga, And It Has Nothing To Do With Cycling

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This has dragged on for too long now; it’s been over 10 years of Lance Armstrong and his lying, cheating ways. So what, on God’s green earth, would make anyone believe what he said last night in a comfy, cozy setting with […]

Playing American Sports Overseas Needs To Stop

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The New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons just played an NBA game in London, England. This comes after a few months ago when the NFL invaded Wembley Stadium to have an ‘American’ football game between the New England Patriots […]

Tiger Woods Keeps Hope Alive, Offers Large Amount Of Money To Re-Marry Elin Nordegren

It’s been a crazy week in the world of sports; the NFL has four great playoff games, Lance Armstrong finally admits to using performance enhancing drugs and Chip Kelly gets hired by the Philadelphia Eagles out of the blue. It […]

Lingerie League Changing Its Name To ‘Legends Football League’

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One of the greatest leagues ever created will no longer exist. Well that’s not quite true – it depends on how you define the word “greatest”, I suppose. Anyway, the women’s football league that was formerly known as the Lingerie League […]

Angry Dallas Cowboys Fan Blows Up A Washing Machine In Disgust Over Latest Loss

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Some things just cannot be explained. For instance, the reaction of some people when their favorite sports team loses an important game. The latest example of lunacy comes from a Dallas Cowboys fan who lost it after the Cowboys failed to beat […]

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MMA Fighter Ray Elbe Fractures His ‘Penis Bone’ During Sex

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Let’s get the easiest part of this story out right away, there is a fighter on the MMA show Ultimate Fighter by the name of Ray Elbe and he was injured recently. No, his injury didn’t come from competing but […]

North Alabama Player Deserves To Be Kicked Off Team For Senseless Tweet

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There’s an old saying which I’m sure we’re all aware of and it goes like this this: what goes around comes around. Well, it’s come around for Bradley Patterson. Patterson is the person who tweeted this message when the San […]

High School Girls Basketball Team Embarrasses Opponent 107-2

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When a girls high school basketball team in Indianapolis went out to try and snap their 23-game losing streak, I’m sure they weren’t guessing that loss number 24 would be by such a wide margin. Bloomington South High School defeated Arlington High by a […]

Did Jerramy Stevens And US Women’s Soccer Goalie Hope Solo Get Married Tuesday Night?

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Just when you thought things in the world couldn’t get any stranger, I give you the saga of Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo. If you didn’t know before Monday night, you certainly found out Tuesday that the former tight end […]

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin Wants A New Nickname

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During the past few games, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin has thrown his name next to Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck as the possible rookie of the year. Martin’s 486 yards and six total touchdowns over his last two […]