The 20 Hottest Daughters From The Sports World

Bianca La Russa

The 30 Hottest Female Athletes To Follow on Twitter


Bikini Basketball League Is Ready For Launch

Black Sports Online

Move over Lingerie Football, Bikini Basketball is set to launch and take over the world! Obviously, the Bikini Basketball League was created by two drunk guys are a frat party, but it doesn’t make it any less fantastic! The league […]

The 10 Worst Officiating Decisions The Sports World Has Ever Seen


Peyton Manning Has His Own Corn Maze in Colorado


A giant alien spacecraft that resembles Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has landed in a cornfield in Greenly, Colorado! The end is near! The Mayans were right! SERENITY NOW! Oh wait… it’s just a corn maze. Pheww. I guess Bronco nation has moved […]

Lance Armstrong Forfeits Fight Against Doping Charges, Will Likely Be Stripped of Titles and Receive Lifetime Ban


Peter LaFleur no longer will have met a Tour de France champion in the airport of Las Vegas, as Lance Armstrong is dropping his case against doping charges, causing him to likely lose all of his seven titles. Cycling appears to […]

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler Was Dumped By Comedian Amy Schumer Because of “Athletic” Sex


Amy Schumer is one of the hottest and funniest female comedians in the world. If you are unfamilar with Schumer, she is a frequent guest on the Comedy Central Roasts and recently had her own special, Mostly Sex Stuff, debut […]

Steven Domalewski Receives $14.5M After Horrific Line Drive Injury


While working in the sporting goods industry for approximately a year, I realized that aluminum bats weren’t the same when I was a kid. When I played Little League Baseball, my bat was never more than $100 dollars and was in one piece. With […]

Cooper Barton: Oklahoma Principal Makes Elementary Student Turn His Michigan Shirt Inside Out – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports | People. They’re the worst. Jerry Seinfeld said this during an episode of Seinfeld, and that phrase was never more accurate than today. The state of Oklahoma loves their Sooners and […]

Michael Phelps In Hot Water Over Louis Vuitton Photoshoot


The 2012 Olympics are over and done with, but Michael Phelps always seems to make news after the games conclude. After the 2008 games, we all remember the infamous bong photos of Phelps, which were a big deal to some […]

Athlete Roast: Ten Athletes From the Past and Present Who Should Get Roasted


Like Fletcher Reed’s boss in Liar Liar, I love a good roast. Something about the freedom to say whatever the hell you want about anyone you want should appeal to anyone. If you are unfamiliar with roasts, it’s basically a […]

2012 Summer Olympics: Seasonally Cold Temperatures Will Cause Women’s Volleyball Players to Cover Up


Chalk this up as a Mayan victory. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, volleyball players might cover their bodies during competition due to unseasonable cold temperatures. The forecast in London states the highs will be in the 60s, with a 30 percent chance of […]