Seattle Seahawks Trade Veteran Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to Buffalo Bills

tarvaris jackson seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have traded quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to the Buffalo Bills, announced Ian Rapoport of Terms of the deal have not yet been made available. Jackson, 29, began training camp in a three-way competition with Matt Flynn and […]

Seattle Seahawks Cut Veteran Wide Receiver Terrell Owens

terrell owens seattle

Veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens announced via Twitter that he has been released by the Seattle Seahawks. This should not come as a surprise after the 38-year old dropped a number of passes thrown to him during preseason games, including […]

NFL Rumors: Indianapolis Colts to Trade for New England Patriots WR Wes Welker?

wes welker patriots

Indianapolis Colts general manager Jim Irsay has tweeted multiple times in the past day that he is working on a big trade which involves giving up a high draft pick for a veteran/starter. Unconfirmed reports from Twitter from an account […]

Why Lance Armstrong Should Be Remembered as a Cancer Survivor and 7-Time Tour de France Winner

lance armstrong

It was news that we all feared was coming for a long time. The United States Anti-Doping Agency will strip Lance Armstrong of all seven of his Tour de France victories after Armstrong decided to drop his fight against charges […]

Were ESPN Analyst Skip Bayless Comments About Kirk Cousins Inappropriate?

kirk cousins redskins

If you follow ESPN’s First Take, you’ll know that anchor Skip Bayless enjoys being as controversial as possible. There’s no way he believes everything he says, whether it be about Tim Tebow or LeBron James.

Tim Tebow Competing With Peyton Manning for NFL’s Top Selling Jersey

tim tebow bears

For the second straight season, a Denver Broncos quarterback is among the highest selling jerseys in the National Football League.

Olympic Sprinter Jeff Demps Recruited to New York Jets by Tim Tebow

jeff demps florida eagles

One of the biggest stories in the league in recent days has been the news that former Olympic sprinter Jeff Demps is pursuing a career as a running back in the National Football League.

Miami Dolphins Release Wide Receiver Chad Johnson Following Arrest

chad johnson miami

The Miami Dolphins have officially released wide receiver Chad Johnson just one day after he was arrested for allegedly headbutting his wife during an argument that started over the receipt on a box of condoms. The arrest has been confirmed […]

Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson Arrested for Headbutting Wife Over Dispute on Condom Receipt

chad johnson miami

According to a report by The Sun Sentinel, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson has been arrested for a domestic violence charge. His charge is reported as a misdemeanor, the Davie Police Department said.

Analyzing the Six Factors That Make a Fourth Quarter Comeback in the NFL Impressive

tom brady broncos

There is not a position in professional sports that receives more credit for a victory and more blame for a loss than the quarterback in the NFL. Stats are important, but like it or not, a quarterback will ultimately be […]

NFL Rumors: What to Expect From Terrell Owens With the Seattle Seahawks in 2012

terrell owens allen wranglers

As many expected this offseason, free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens has finally found an NFL team for the 2012 season.

NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Interested in Free Agent Wide Receiver Terrell Owens

terrell owens

Future Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens could finally have a home in the 2012 season, despite lots of speculation over the past few months that no NFL team would be interested in signing the free agent receiver.