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Casey Drottar

Gordon’s Failed Test a Spit in Browns' Face

Josh Gordon has failed yet another substance test, essentially insulting the Browns for all their efforts to try and help him realize his potential. Read More

NFL’s Ineptitude on Display Again in DeflateGate

Given a chance to redeem themselves for the botched Ray Rice incident, the NFL is instead looking lost again when handling DeflateGate Read More

Goodell Faces No-Win Situation in Deflategate

As the world waits to see how Roger Goodell punishes the Patriots for Deflategate, there's reason to believe the commissioner will face controversy no matter how he handles the situation. Read More

Seahawks’ Angry Underdogs Routine is Stale

For some reason, Seattle is still lashing out at doubters on their way to their second consecutive Super Bowl, and the whole routine is getting tiresome Read More

McCarthy’s Coaching Mistakes Cost Packers Dearly

There are many reasons why Green Bay lost to Seattle in the NFC Championship yesterday, but none bigger than the coaching mistakes made by Mike McCarthy. Read More

Doc Rivers Takes Huge Risk Trading For His Son

In trading for his son, Austin, Doc Rivers is inviting an incredibly risky situation into the Clippers' locker room Read More

Don’t Expect Cavs to Fire Blatt This Year

Despite Cleveland's slow start and his players openly complaining about him, David Blatt isn't going anywhere this season. Read More

OSU's Jones Must Consider Entering NFL Draft

Despite starting only three games, there are more than a few reasons why Buckeye quarterback Cardale Jones needs to consider entering this year's NFL Draft Read More

Cavaliers Have Inexcusably Hit Rock Bottom

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to look nothing like the team everyone thought they'd be, and the reasons why are inexcusable. Read More

Tough to Buy NFL Innocence Despite Mueller Report

The independent investigation into the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice incident claims the league indeed never saw the tape, but there are many reasons to doubt it. Read More