Penn State Is Punished Big By The NCAA


The NCAA just levied an unprecedented series of sanctions and penalties on Penn State today in the wake of the Freeh report. Mark Emmert announced the tough sanctions in a press conference in Indianapolis. “Football will never again be placed […]

40 Years Later, Title IX Still Resonates


Sports is the closest thing to a meritocracy in real life. Teams play the best players regardless race, creed, nationality; religion, and thanks to Title IX, gender. Before Title IX was included in the 1964 Civil Rights Act the state of […]

Kenyan Students Reenact 1986 World Series


Before the Boston Red Sox ended their almost century long, “curse of the Bambino” a rendition of Bill Buckner’s game losing gaffe in the 1986 World Series would have been met with outward scorn and inward depression, no matter how […]

Craig James Loses in Senate Bid


Yesterday, Texas voters took to the polls to decide which Republican challenger would be the prohibitive favorite to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the US Senate; it resulted in a runoff between David Dewherst and Ted Cruz. The voters did […]

Tennessee baseball player fails after winning.


The notion of collateral damage should not apply to a high school baseball player after an eighth inning, game-winning home run. Unfortunately for senior Jameson Painter, it rang true. After leading his Tennessee high school, Chuckey-Doak to a 7-3 victory […]

This Olympic high jumper doesn’t mess around.


Perverts should be scared of Ariane Friedrich. She is an Olympic high-jumper who has earned a bronze metal in the aforementioned field and double entendres as a police woman. She is an elite athlete, so chasing down criminals could be considered an […]

Ross’s actions are anti-Cromartie


It appears that Aaron Ross is one of the good guys in the NFL. He loves and supports his wife. In other words, he does what he is supposed to do. Ross’s wife, Sanya Richards-Ross, is a high-level sprinter. She was part […]

Red Sox have clubhouse issues


Curt Schilling always questioned Bobby Valentine’s hiring as the Red Sox Manager. He did not question Valentine’s coaching acumen; he just said it was not a good fit. During spring training Schilling disagreed with Valentine’s decisions in terms of pitcher […]

A photo of Jared Sullinger in a dress goes viral


An interesting photo of NBA prospect, Jared Sullinger recently hit the worldwide internet. The snap caught Sullinger in a compromising position. The viral photo may bring about unwanted ridicule to Sullinger, especially considering that he will be a rookie in […]

Why is Mike Tyson still talking?


The curious case of Trayvon Martin has captivated the nation in a way that is uniquely American. Individuals from all sectors of the economy have commented on the situation-which is probably the first problem. Certainly, racial lines have emerged after […]