Bob Costas Quotes Rapper Ludacris

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The video you are about to view contains footage of Bob Costas quoting the lyrics of rapper Ludacris, that wasn’t a typo folks, Bob Costas quoting the work of acclaimed rapper and actor Ludacris. On a recent episode of MLB Network hosts Brian Kenny and Harold Reynolds ask 61-year-old sports casting icon Bob […]

Tragedy Strikes At Boston Marathon: Toronto Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie Tweets Out

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The Boston Marathon was an unfortunate target of a cowardly attack this afternoon, when two explosions occurred simultaneously approximately around 2:50 ET 100 yards apart near the finish line, killing two and injuring approximately 64 other people. The footage of the […]

Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Reyes Produces Rap Video

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Toronto Blue Jays super star Jose Reyes is not only one of the premier shortstops in the game, but also has mad rappin’ skills as seen in this YouTube video produced by SP Killa. Reyes spits hot lyrics with his boys Voltio, […]

10 MLB Players Who Would Excel In The Octagon

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