Check Out the Houston Texans Cheerleaders Holiday Love Edition of Freestyle Friday

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The lovely ladies of the Houston Texans cheerleaders are always willing to perform their Freestyle Friday videos in the most unexpected places–even if that place involves your elders! For this week’s edition of Freestyle Friday, the girls received help from […]

50 Hottest Instagram Photos of Jessie James–Eric Decker’s Wife

Jessie James

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Pull Off Best Freestyle Friday Yet With Surprise Marriage Proposal

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Throughout the 2013 NFL season, the Houston Texans cheerleaders have done an amazing job when it comes to starting off the weekend on the right note with their catchy Freestyle Friday videos. While the girls have provided us with plenty […]

Hot Photos of Vanessa Macias–Tim Duncan’s New Girlfriend


Tim Duncan has always been known for what he’s capable of on the court and apparently he does well off the court as well after landing a beauty like Vanessa Macias.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Take Over an Arcade For Latest Freestyle Friday

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Video arcades have always been a fun place to hang out at, but when you throw the Houston Texans cheerleaders into the mix–it makes them that much cooler to hang out at. Once again, the lovely ladies of the Texans […]

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Will Reportedly Appear in ‘Entourage’ Movie

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To all of the die-hard Entourage fans beyond excited for the popular show hitting the big screen–hope you’re ready for an appearance by Rob Gronkowski himself in the movie. The New England Patriots tight end will reportedly play himself in […]

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Take Over a Sonic For Latest Freestyle Friday

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Side note: Please help HTC Texana bounce back after losing everything in a house fire by clicking here. Every donation counts! Did someone order another round of Freestyle Friday?!? One week after surprising fans with a surprise Halloween edition in […]

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Bust Out Halloween Costumes and ‘Thriller’ For Freestyle Friday

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With all of the impressive videos they’ve posted so far this season–you just knew deep down the lovely ladies of the Houston Texans cheerleaders were going to go all out for a Halloween edition of Freestyle Friday. The Texans cheerleaders […]

Hottest Photos of Virginia Cavaliers Guard Tiffany Suarez From Instagram


Virginia Cavaliers guard Tiffany Suarez has an Instagram account, and boy does she love to use it. Oh, and did I mention she was drop dead gorgeous?

Six Reasons Why the Texans Cheerleaders Rank No. 1 On Social Media

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Baby Andy Reid May Be One of the Greatest Halloween Costumes Ever

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There’s been plenty of surprises to take away from the 2013 NFL season so far, but the argument can be made no team has been a bigger surprise than the Kansas City Chiefs as they’re off to an 8-0 start […]

Detroit Lions WR Nate Burleson Receives Year Supply of Pizza After Breaking Arm in Car Accident

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Last month, Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson made headlines after suffering a broken arm during a  car accident when he attempted to save his pizza from sliding in the passenger seat. Obviously, car accidents are no laughing matter, but […]