Vote Jose Canseco for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game?

All Star Game

Well kids it’s that time of year again when you can vote for your favorite Major League Baseball Players to represent their teams in the All-Star Game.  This year’s game will be played in Kansas City at the newly renovated […]

Jason Giambi Flips the Bird

Giambi Wide

Jason Giambi hit a pinch-hit walk off home run on Wednesday for the Colorado Rockies against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  And just seconds after doing so you can see that he extended the middle finger of his left hand up […]

Breaking News: Peyton Manning In A Town Near You?


This just in, Peyton Manning has not signed with a team as of yet.  But I hear that he has about as good of a chance signing with a Canadian Football League team than the Miami Dolphins.  And we all […]

Urgent: Taylor Hensley Needs Your Help

Hensley C

In case you haven’t heard, there is a beautiful woman who is trying to become the next person to occupy the MLB Fan Cave in New York City.  While the MLB Fan Cave has not released how they are selecting […]

2012 MLB Fan Cave Candidate: Taylor Hensley

Hensley B

On February 23rd the 30 finalists for the MLB Fan Cave were announced and on that list was none other than the beautiful and talented Taylor Hensley.  Yes, she’s the one who I wrote about a week or so ago […]

Jose Canseco the Unlikeliest of Comebacks

Jose Canseco

By now you have heard that Jose Canseco wants back in the big leagues and can you really blame him?  Just take a look at the contracts they are giving out to almost anyone.  One of those could solve Canseco’s […]

Why You Should Vote for Taylor Hensley for the MLB Fan Cave


As you may or may not know, Major League Baseball is once again sponsoring the MLB Fan Cave.  Two lucky fans will watch every single game of the 2012 MLB schedule.  That’s 2,430 regular season games plus every game in […]

The Non Sport Fan’s Guide to Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl

Once again that Sunday arrives where some stupid football game interrupts new episodes of your favorite show.  Well, no longer does that football game have to be stupid because I know that you just think it’s stupid because you don’t […]

Josh Hamilton and Tim Tebow: The Prodigal Son vs the Perfect Son

Hamilton and Tebow

It seems if you mention Tim Tebow’s name you get a multitude of reactions, some positive but most of them are negative.  Why is that?  Is it because the media has elevated Tebow to the forefront and refuses to talk […]

A Baseball Fan’s Guide to Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl

Baseball fans it is getting close to that time of year when pitchers and catchers report to spring training but unfortunately we are not there yet.  We are just about two and a half weeks away from that day and […]

RIP Sarah Burke

It was January 10th when skier Sarah Burke was injured in a training accident at the superpipe in Park City, Utah.  Today it was announced that she has passed away.  The accident did not appear severe to onlookers but it […]

Peyton Manning Retiring?


Reports have come through Twitter that Peyton Manning will not return to the Indianapolis Colts and is retiring.  Unfortunately, it was Rob Lowe (yes, the actor) who broke this news so that is not a rock solid source.  But Twitter […]