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Doug LaCerte

How Butler, LaRoche Affect KC's 2015 Offseason

Billy Butler won't be on the Kansas City Royals roster in 2015, and neither will veteran slugger Adam LaRoche. How do these moves affect this offseason for the Royals? Read More

10 Best Royals Prospects Heading Into 2015

The Kansas City Royals will look to supplement their roster in the upcoming seasons with some young in-house talent, and here are 10 prospects who could make a big splash when they make their debut. Read More

Ervin Santana Still Royals' Top Offseason Priority

The Kansas City Royals still have plenty of concerns to take care of this offseason, but their biggest priority right now should be signing Ervin Santana. Read More

Jon Lester to Kansas City? Don't Bet On It

The Kansas City Royals reportedly sat down with representatives of ace free agent Jon Lester. Can KC really reel in such a big-time talent? Don't get your hopes up. Read More

Royals Should Avoid Yasmani Tomas Sweepstakes

Numerous clubs in the MLB showed interest in Cuban free agent slugger Yasmani Tomas, but should the Kansas City Royals get involved? Could Tomas really be the answer for KC in right field? Read More

Nori or Torii: Who Should Royals Choose?

The Kansas City Royals must make many tough decisions this offseason, and one of the biggest is who to sign to play right field. Will KC go with the veteran Torii Hunter or welcome back Nori Aoki? Read More

Royals Fanbase Revived Despite WS Defeat

A moment of profound sadness should soon give way to the bliss of understanding what this 2014 season meant for the Kansas City Royals. Read More

Incredible Run Changes Royals and Fans Forever

The Kansas City Royals and all their fans still have their hearts set on bringing home a World Series title tonight, but regardless of the final result, this franchise will never be the same. Read More

Royals Bring Well-Earned Confidence into Game 6

Despite having their backs against the wall in Game 6 of the 2014 World Series against the San Francisco Giants, the Kansas City Royals still enter this game with confidence that they can win it all. Read More

How Can Royals Score on Yusmeiro Petit?

Billy Butler, Jake Peavy and Yusmeiro Petit could all play crucial roles in deciding how the 2014 World Series will end. Read More