NFL Kicker Makes Tackle of the Day What a tackle! Rackers came flying in and was down to the ball before some of his teammates even were. I just love seeing the replay, when you see Rackers coming in from the side, and you see just […]

Brian Robison Kicks Lang in Groin in NFL Football Game When I first saw this, I couldn’t believe what happened. Brian Robison of the Vikings legitimately kicked T.J. Lang of the Packers in the groin for absolutely no reason. I understand you can be pumped up for an NFL […]

Dirt Bike Smokes Girl Right in the Face When I first saw this, I wasn’t expecting a full head-on collision, but the bike hits her right in the face as he comes over the hill. I don’t understand how she’s OK after that. It appears that she’s […]

The Second Biggest Hit You’ll See in PeeWee Football As I was searching around looking for something to write up, I stumbled across this video. Those of you who don’t beleive that PeeWee football is real football, are about to be proven wrong. The play starts out in […]

Aaron Rodgers vs. Brett Favre: Comparing the Two Star Packers QB’s

It’s about time to take a closer look at these two QB’s, and see just how similar they really are. Without further suspense, let’s get started! Brett Favre was basically an idol in Green Bay, until one fateful day he […]

Resolving the NBA Lockout

I’ve been keeping close tabs on the NBA lockout, and with a deal almost in sight yesterday, I was giving the players and owners the benefit of the doubt. When talks broke down late last night, and the two sides […]

What If Jeff George Actually Was Signed?

Just a few weeks ago we all heard Jeff George talking about being to come back and lead the Indianapolis Colts’ offense, and it sparked a lot of discussion. Fans were speculating that he should come out of retirement to […]

What If: Brett Favre Came Back for the Raiders?

There have been recent rumors that Favre could get a call from Oakland to come back and play for the remainder of the season. The Raiders lost QB Jason Campbell due to a broken collarbone, and their likely replacement David […]

Switching Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers: How Would Each Fare with the Other Team?

This is going to be an interesting article for both you and me. Thinking about switching two NFL QB’s to other teams is not only difficult to predict the results, but it’s also difficult to talk about because of knowing […]

Harbaugh, Schwartz Get Into Post-Game Scuffle

Jim Schwartz Goes After Jim Harbaugh I was watching this game, and when this happened, it was absolutely unbelievable. Harbaugh came in, and seemd to give Schwartz an extremely hard handshake, and then pushed him out of the way and […]