London Beat: The Olympic Games From The Streets

How about the Olympics in London, right? With the Olympic Games going on right now, there’s nothing cooler than getting the fans point of view right?  This is what the Olympics are all about. If you’ve been living in a […]

Sam Trickett Jumped After 10 Million Dollar 2nd Place Finish at WSOP Event


Sam Trickett was jumped by 6 individuals after finishing 2nd in the World Series of Poker event titled “the big one” where Trickett lost a heads up match with champion Antonio Esfandiari. Trickett took home just over 10 million dollars […]

Rappers Kids Getting Scholarships: People Need To Stop Whining

Here we go again. Another rappers kid signs a football scholarship at UCLA, and the American public continues to cry, moan, and whine about how unfair life is. Uh, can someone please tell me why this is unfair? Oh right. […]

Ex-USC Star Kevin Ellison Arrested On Arson Charges: Claims God Told Him To Do It


In a sad story, former USC star Kevin Ellison has been arrested on felony arson charges after he set blaze to his bed in an apartment complex. Okay, dude sets fire, what’s the big deal right? Well that’s where the […]

Jerry Sandusky Just Looks Creepy


With the Jerry Sandusky trial beginning today, I felt like it was time to discuss what a creepy guy he is. Yes, the crimes he has been accused of make me puke at least twice a day, but I’m talking […]

Catch Of The Year? I am stunned after watching this catch, and I think you will be too.  Derrick Salberg went flying over a small wall in left field to rob a player of a homer, and save the game for his college squad. […]

Fan Arrested: New York Mets Security Arrests Off Duty Cop For Changing Seats

A fan who decided to move to a better seat at Citi Field while watching the New York Mets blow a 3-2 lead was arrested for his decision by NYPD. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. According to the police […]

Mike Krzyzewski Thinks London Games Are His Last As Coach of Team USA


Say it ain’t so Mike! Several news outlets are reporting that Mike Krzyzewski will not coach the USA basketball team in 2016, and will hang it up after the London Games. Coach K was probably the best thing that has […]

Usain Bolt Dumps Girlfriend to Train For Olympics

Usain Bolt

I’ve heard of guys dumping their girlfriends for many reasons. Heck, I’ve come up with a few good reasons myself! Usain Bolt is a world class athlete looking to defend a ton of gold medels. There was no way he […]

Umpire’s Hilarious Strike 3 Call In Little League Game

How hilarious is this video? If you didn’t laugh, i think you have problems. When an ump rings someone up for strike 3, typically he’ll do something crazy.   This takes the cake. I remember I used to swing at […]

John Tortorella: New York Rangers Coach And His DJ Remix Video

John Tortorella is one of the better coaches in all of hockey. Unfortunately for the media, he’s not one of the best post game press conference guys in the world. Here’s a sweet video of DJ Steve Porter turning his […]

Harris English’s Tee Shot Drills Man In The Head Down goes Ali! Just kidding. Harris English is fine talent on the PGA tour. Unfortunately, his tee shot went a little awry and into the crowd. Some dude definitely got drilled in the head. That has to hurt  a bit. […]